Caitlin Huxley

Caitlin Huxley is an expert campaign strategist, certified project manager, and history buff.

Prior to starting Huxley Strategies, and developing the Campaign Mangers toolbox, Caitlin was Data Director and Strategic Consultant for the Illinois State House Republican Organization and the Illinois Opportunity Project. Together they worked to rebuild the party infrastructure, elect Republicans to the state legislature, and defeat a liberal tax amendment that had been added to the ballot. They were successful at all three.

Today, Huxley Strategies trains, develops, and equips right-of-center candidates and organizations to win in the fight against machine politics and corruption. In each election cycle for the past decade, Caitlin's clients have outperformed the average. Because of her support, they have implemented forward-thinking policies and changed their states.

A California native and Chicago transplant, in her spare time, Caitlin studies game theory, data analysis, and strategy. She is an avid world traveler and language learner. Today she is regular guest lecturer to Leadership Institute classes nationwide.

Articles & Publications:

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