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Insightful and practical resources for those interested in political campaigning and data visualization.


Create your own voter contact app using Glide

Voter Contact is important! The goal of your voter outreach effort is to build relationships with the voters themselves, and create a connection.

Interactive & Scrollable Choropleth Maps in Python with GeoPandas and Folium

Choropleth maps are a powerful visualization tool for displaying geospatial data and are often used to show the distribution of a particular variable across a region. In this tutorial, I will walk you through the steps of creating interactive choropleth maps in Python using these two powerful libraries.

7 Books for Strategic Thought

When planning a political campaign, you have to look at everything from a top-down view, often called a 30,000ft view, or the big picture. Detaching yourself from your first-person viewpoint takes practice. I find books like these are precisely the kind of practice I need to keep my correct orientation. I often suggest them to interns and staff looking to improve their ability to engage in strategic thought.